Apparently I have an entity that followed me home. I did a recording overnight while I was sleeping and caught this. This is a strong one very clear and loud along with all the noise it was making in the bedroom.
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   This mark appeared right after the last Poinsett Bridge investigation and has been getting whiter each week. It looks like a cross but I haven't cut myself on anything in a long time and it wasn't there prior to the investigation. Baffled is all I can say!!!!
 August 27 2013 Had a strange event happen today, my cell phone called itself. About 3 pm I was coming in the door and the phone rang so I looked at the number to see who was calling and it had my number as the caller, I answered it and there was dead silence no background noise nothing then the call ended. I hit redial and it went to voice mail. Strange because usually when I dial my number it gets a busy signal or voice mail.
Do you think UFO's are real or Government experiments?
Look at the children's graveyard photos especially the red glowing eyes, one photo they are ground level, another they are around 7 to 10 feet in the air.  Could this be the eyes of a couple of bigfoots or Bigfeet if you want to call them that?
Tell me your thoughts on paranormal or spirits! Do they exist?

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